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We have pioneered the development of eye tracking technology for over 30 years.
Who We Are

We started in 1986 and we're still going strong.

Our technologies have been implemented in research, national defense, gaming, virtual worlds, hospitals, and many other industries.

We've reached users across the world in 44 countries.

We are pioneers in the field of eye tracking

Eyegaze (formerly LC Technologies) began in 1987 with a drive to help individuals communicate with their loved ones. We are engineers, developers, medical professionals, and educators who are passionate about building the world’s best eye tracking communication hardware and software solutions and delivering them with superior customer service. At Eyegaze, we give the gift of communication.


I have been using the Eyegaze system for a little over 4 years now since I lost the ability to move the mouse with my hands due to ALS. The ability to access the computer with the Eyegaze System has probably been the greatest contributor of my quality of life… Excellent service—the company has always been great to me.


Top scores on the whole experience with Eyegaze. From the superior equipment, to the knowledgeable and helpful staff. Will recommend Eyegaze to everyone we know.

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