At LC Technologies, we’re passionate about eye tracking technology and all of its applications – from hospitals and research labs to marketing focus groups and in the homes of people living with disabilities. We are also passionate about sharing eye tracking technology with our clients because we know it can play a unique and transformative role in so many situations.


Starting July 23, LC Technologies will be offering free demonstrations of our products so that our clients will have even more information as they determine how eye tracking might fit into their goals. And, you won’t even have to leave your office to participate! These one-hour demos will be conducted online by Jon West, LC Technologies Director of Marketing and Opportunities. They will cover both our hardware and our various analysis software packages so that you can see everything our team has to offer.


Demo topics will include our Eyegaze Edge Tablet and Desktop Systems, which employ speech synthesis and a communication program to help people with disabilities use the power of their eyes to communicate with the world. We’ll discuss the many options that can make your Eyegaze Edge system work perfectly to fulfill your needs.


Please stay tuned as we provide additional information about these valuable demos.