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About Us

Empowering individuals for over 30 years

“I wanted to take a second and tell you how amazing your Eyegaze team is!  In the past few months I have had the pleasure of talking to many members of your team, and I want to say how grateful I am for all their help and willingness to do whatever to assist. We work with a lot of companies, most of which are not quick to offer a hand or even answer simple questions when asked.  However, each member of your team has gone out of their way to provide detailed answers in a respectful and educational way.”

                                                                                                      – Alayna S., Minnesota

Providing the world’s leading eye tracking and eye-controlled technology since 1988

Our passion to help individuals communicate and connect with their loved ones has empowered us to develop the world’s best eye tracking hardware and software. Dedicated design features and algorithms developed for people with various eye conditions enable our eye trackers to handle a wide range of individuals with superior accuracy and consistency.

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New tool allows paralyzed to speak using their eyes – Washington Post, 2016
The tech giving people power to deal with disability – BBC, 2016
The Eyes have it – NASA-LCT connection, 2003

Bringing together electrical and mechatronics engineers, computer scientists and medical professionals.

Together in 1986, a group of electrical engineers and computer scientists began developing solutions for various engineering and signal processing problems. By 1988, their focus was to “develop the world’s best eye tracker.” We started with helping people with severe mobility impairment because communicating via eye tracking can truly be life changing. Our dedicated engineering and design modifications over three decades bring you an outstanding Eyegaze experience.

Today, The Eyegaze Edge remains the premiere device for low-fatigue, high-accuracy eye gaze communication and computer access.


Committed to providing exceptional customer service, solutions and tech support.

Listening to our customers’ concerns, showing respect,  and providing timely solutions are the way we support our Eyegaze communicators.  Each customer has a direct contact method with one of our team members for timely support needs.  When you call us, we answer!  We know who you are because we custom-built your Eyegaze Edge for you.