LC Technologies offers a robust warranty for repair or complete replacement of any defective or malfunctioning Eyegaze product.
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For EU warranty information, please contact us directly.

For the US warranty, read the section below.

1-Year US Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty

LC Technologies, Inc. (“LCT”) warrants to the original purchaser (“Customer”) this Eyegaze Edge®product (“Equipment” or “Product”) to be in good working order under normal use and maintenance (the “Eyegaze Edge® Limited Warranty”) for a period of twelve (12) months from the original date of purchase (the “Limited Warranty Period”).  During the Limited Warranty Period, should the covered product, in LCT’s sole opinion, malfunction due to any defect in material and/or workmanship, the Customer’s remedy and LCT’s liability shall be, at LCT’s option, to either repair or replace the malfunctioning Equipment with a similar product at no charge, provided that: (a) the malfunctioning Product, subassembly or part involved is returned, with proof of purchase in the form of the Customer’s original copy of the sales receipt, by transportation designated by LCT to a location designated by LCT; and (b) LCT is notified by Customer in writing of the defect within the warranty period set forth herein.

Products returned for inspection and replacement or repair must be properly packed to guard against damage or loss with transportation charges prepaid to LCT; return transportation charges will be F.O.B. factory. No product or parts shall be returned unless a service and return authorization number is received, which will be furnished by LCT on request. If a replacement or repair product is issued, the Limited Warranty will apply to the replacement or repair product with any remaining, applicable Warranty Period continuing to run from the date of the original purchase.

No allowance will be made for repairs or replacements made without LCT’s written consent. The Limited Warranty shall only be available to the Customer and not to any product that has been transferred and no longer own by the Customer. Any materials provided by Customer from a third party vendor or as customer furnished materials are excluded from this warranty, and shall be the responsibility of Customer.

This Limited Warranty is void if LCT determines that the Product has been serviced by anyone other than LCT or if the Equipment is damaged from accident, misuse, misapplication, abusive operation, improper use and/or insufficient care or has been operated outside the parameters of the documentation by any person or entity other than LCT.

THERE ARE NO EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTIES, REPRESENTATIONS OR CONDITIONS OTHER THAN THOSE STATED IN THIS LIMITED WARRANTY. This Limited Warranty is made in lieu of all other warranties, representations or conditions, whether expressed or implied, including without limitation, merchantability or fitness for a specific purpose. The Seller undertakes no responsibility for the quality of the goods except as otherwise provided in this contract.  There are no warranties which extend beyond the description on the face hereof.  No person is authorized to make any other warranty or representation concerning the performance of the Product or extend, or enlarge the Limited Warranty contained herein.

The remedy set forth herein shall be the sole, exclusive remedy with respect to the Product. Under no circumstances will LCT be liable for any direct, indirect, special incidental or consequential damages (even if LCT is notified of the possibility of such damages) including, but not limited to, any loss of revenue, loss of profit, or loss of data whether based upon any alleged breach of warranty, representation or condition, contract, or any other conduct including negligence (intentional or otherwise), giving rise to such claim. LCT shall not be liable for any claims made by a third party or made by you for a third party. This Limited Warranty is not transferable.