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Troubleshooting Common Problems

My phone keeps losing connection

Ensure Bluetooth is enabled on phone.

Ensure Call Center app is open on the phone.

System will not turn on

Press power button on top of tablet until you feel the vibration.

Plug charger into the tablet and make sure it is charged.

I get a Camera Error when opening Eyegaze

Exit the program, unplug the camera cable from the tablet and the camera and reconnect it.

My system does not work outside

If the system is under direct sunlight it will get false reflections and will not track accurately. When outside, avoid using the system in direct sunlight.

Keyboard does not work

Ensure keyboard is turned on; check power switch on the back.

Ensure keyboard dongle, and USB hub are plugged in.

Replace the 2 AA batteries. The battery compartment is accessed from the bottom of the keyboard.

I can’t get my camera to focus

Make sure screen and user is positioned correctly.

Make sure video is focused and positioned correctly. See our video for Eyegaze Setup.

The Links do not work in Eyeworld Internet

Click navigation, hit refresh, click back, wait for the page to load completely.

Clicking the link button before the page has a chance to fully load will prevent it from working.


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