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6 Tips to Ace Your Virtual Eyegaze Training

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Pandemic or Not, Virtual Training Works!


Common Eyegaze Questions

How does Eyegaze work?

A high speed infrared sensitive camera is focused on one or both of a users eye’s. The camera takes 60 pictures a second of the users eye(s). After a 15 second calibration the Eyegaze Edge® system will predict where a user is looking on the screen.

Will the system work outside?

The small amount of infrared light coming from the camera is competing with all the infrared light coming from the sun. If the system is under direct sunlight it will get false reflections and will not track accurately. This is a common problem with all eyegaze systems.

If you are trying to use the Eyegaze Edge® outdoors, seek out shaded areas. To some degree, how well the system works outdoors is dependent on how reflective the retina of the user’s eye is.

Can I operate the Eyegaze Edge® while lying on my side?

Yes, and its not necessary to turn the screen sideways to do so. You can leave the Eyegaze Edge® upright as you lay on your side to use it.


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