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Brain Injuries and Strokes

Users that have a consistent way to communicate yes and no can use the Eyegaze Edge®, even if they have lost reading ability.

Brain Injuries and Strokes

Traumatic and anoxic brain injuries can result in a variety of problems.

  • Cognition
  • Memory
  • Attention & Organization
  • Reading Ability
  • Spelling Ability
  • General Vision Problems

Eyegaze Edge® Features

Picture-Icon Communication System Available

Speech Generation for Non-Verbal Users

Compensation for Double Vision or Other Vision Problems

Using Eyegaze® with a Brain Injury or Stroke

Traumatic and anoxic brain injuries can result in a variety of problems that may affect Eyegaze operation.

In general, if the individual demonstrates a consistent way to communicate yes and no, they demonstrate some level of cognition sufficient for Eyegaze use. Even if they have lost their ability to read, spell or type on a keyboard using their eyes, they may be able to use our wide array of picture-icon communication boards on the Eyegaze Edge system.

Pauline and Reggie are a loving couple taking control of their lives with the Eyegaze Edge®.

With over 31 years of experience with individuals with complex medical situations, we have learned that many individuals do not have 2 normally-functioning eyes that gaze consistently on their desired target. We also know that eyes change over time and that our customers need a communication system that compensates for these variations.

Nancy Cleveland, RN, BSN

Vision Problems and Eyegaze Edge® Solutions

Vision problems such as diplopia (double vision), blurred vision, alternating strabismus and homonymous hemianopsia (vision field-cut) may impede Eyegaze use. In other cases, cranial nerve damage may limit the individual’s ability to control their eye movements. Eyegaze Inc’s multi-disciplinary approach and technological advancements allow several work-arounds to address these challenges.

These work-arounds are possible because the Eyegaze Edge precisely tracks the movement of one eye with minimal infrared light. In the case of diplopia or alternating strabismus, applying a nasal-side patch to the eye that is not being tracked may solve the problem. This intervention causes one eye to consistently look at the screen, providing maximum gaze point accuracy, without impeding peripheral vision on the partially patched eye. Meanwhile, the individual retains a full field-of-view.

Additionally, the Eyegaze Edge Settings program offers a variety of adjustments that enables an individual to activate an Eyegaze key quickly while providing a short recovery period to give them extra time to move their eyes off a target and onto the next. If the individual has a vision field-cut, customized screens may be created to avoid the area of the screen the user can’t see. Eyegaze Edge users have various choices of keyboards that will accommodate specific visual impairments, including switch scanning and two-stroke keyboard pages.

User Testimonials

My arms and hands were deteriorating quite rapidly meaning I couldn’t work anymore. The Eyegaze saved my software engineering job. I can control a Mac and do everything with my eye that I used to do with my hands. I can respond to email, I can surf the web, and I can hold conversations…

Software Engineer, MIT

I can read books using Kindle, listen to music, email, surf the web, play games, and more. I am once again my old self. Without it I would be a prisoner in my body, with it I am the same smart guy I used to be, with the exception of being paralyzed.


Thank you and everyone you work with. My son Jack is laying in his hospital bed right now using his Eyegaze to chat with his friends on Facebook, check his email, and he just posted on his web page… the nurses and doctors are amazed watching him do all of this with a breathing tube in his throat and about 20 other assorted lines attached to various parts of his body.


My student does research on the Internet for the library, with the aid of her Eyegaze Communication System, and she loves it.
Mary Whitley

Service Coordinator, TCRC Alph Resource Connections Library

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