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Eyeworld Profile Download Page

   ***Before Downloading, do you have Mind Express 5 installed on your Eyegaze Edge®?*** If not, click here to download Mind Express 5. 

First, check to make sure you have the latest version of ECS . To check which version of ECS you have, open your Settings Program and navigate to “Advanced”. Your version will be displayed in the bottom left of the screen. You can update your Eyegaze ECS software by Downloading the ECS UPDATE

Eyeworld Profile Download Instructions

Download Eyeworld Profile

^^^Click to download^^^

***Note that this profile will contain an older version of the Eyeworld pageset. This is corrected when by updating the Eyeworld pageset. Only update the pageset after installing the profile.

***Remember where you save your Eyeworld Profile***. By default, it should save to your downloads folder. You can choose a different save location but it’s important you remember where you save it.

Open Mind Express, select “Add Profile”  

Select “Import profile from disk”

Locate and select your saved profile

Select “Import”

You will now see your imported profile on the Mind Express profile selection screen