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New Encore Camera Connection

Our Encore camera is getting a new connection set-up with the Eyegaze Edge tablet.  The USB hub on the back of the tablet is no longer necessary when connecting the Encore camera to the Eyegaze Edge tablet. The Eyegaze Edge now has an available USB port on the side, as our keyboard is connected now via Bluetooth® (see info below). Eliminating the hub decreases the power draw, makes the device lighter & more streamlined, and decreases the chance of cables becoming disconnected.

Encore Camera connected to tablet

Encore Camera connected to tablet

Prime camera connected to tablet

Prime Camera connected to tablet




New Bluetooth Keyboard Charging Port Location

New Bluetooth® keyboard: The Eyegaze Edge® now comes with a new Bluetooth® connected keyboard.  Since it is connected via Bluetooth, it no longer has a wireless dongle taking up a USB port on the device.  Here are some images to demonstrate where things are now located.  This new keyboard is also rechargeable, and uses the same charge cord that comes with external Bluetooth speaker–so good-bye to batteries!