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1. Added “Are you sure” page when exiting to Eyegaze
  • This is to prevent accidental exiting of Eyeworld
2. Plus and minus buttons for Settings->dwell time have been switched for consistency
3. Dwell setting for windows control keyboard is now set to “normal” instead of “use dwell 2”
4. Period button in windows control keyboard is fixed
6. Phone Setup FAQ button has been removed from the tech support page (it is available in the manual)
7. “Delete All” button is now removed from the texting page.
  • This feature is blocked on the phone side, so it isn’t possible to work around this. Android and iOS both prevent outside apps from deleting all texts for security reasons.
8. The Facebook button is removed from the social page.
  • The accessibility hotkeys provided by Facebook to perform certain actions have not been working for a few months. It won’t be possible to use the custom Facebook page in Eyeworld until Facebook decides to fix this.
9. Call bell sound shortened
  • The call bell toggle on/off has not been functioning since the latest Mind Express update. In the meantime, for previous versions of Eyeworld, editing the call bell cell and pointing it to any shorter sound file is the best workaround. The call bell sound will stop once the file is fully played through, and the user can then select it again to replay if needed. 
10. The user manual scrolling bug is fixed
  • The user manual now launches with Acrobat reader alongside a windows control toolbar for navigation. 
11. The “Sad” emoji no longer inserts a space (bug fix).
12. The ABC and Emoji keyboard button are now flipped to be in the same position for easy toggling.
13. The Eyeworld settings page now has an “Eyeworld on Top” button 
  • This forces Eyeworld to be the topmost window for situations where other apps or elements are covering parts of the page or taking focus away from Eyeworld.
14. Position saving cells and code for Windows control apps has been changed to fix bugs that occur after translating Eyeworld into other languages.
15. The Partner Display function has been temporarily removed.