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The Eyegaze team had an incredible series of visits in the Chicago metro area this month where we provided eye tracking in-services with demonstrations of the Eyegaze Edge. This device is a powerful tool to answer three critical questions for eye gaze communicators and their evaluators:

On-screen eye image from the Encore camera

1. Is the eye trackable? You may have heard that small factors in the human eye can make a big difference in whether or not eye tracking works–it’s true! Eyegaze has been perfecting the ability to track as many eyes across the globe since 1988, and our on-screen, live eye image provides visual hallmarks to let you know if the eye is being tracked successfully. This little eye image answers the questions of, “Will it work with my eyes?” and “Is there anything we can change to make it track my eyes better?”  Answering these questions is vital for every eye gaze communicator, and the Eyegaze Edge will set the stage for a successful eye tracking AAC evaluation. Using this eye image allows for quick and precise device set up too!

Mathematical and visual data after calibration

2. How accurately can I calibrate?  The Eyegaze calibration program triggers the reflective responses in the human eye to initiate calibration, and collects specific mathematical data needed for robust accuracy.  During calibration, clinicians are given numeric and visual data on the user’s accuracy, which can shed light on any changes that need to be made.  Our Encore and Prime cameras automatically re-cycle through weak calibration points, and have powerful recovery when an eye is taken out (and then re-introduced) into the camera’s field of view.  This results in a data-rich, tailored calibration that can be adjusted to the users need.  Following calibration, you’re given a numeric guide to let you know the appropriate size of targets the individual will be able to select with their eyes.

3. Now that accuracy is known, what type of screens, buttons, and programs can I access to connect with the world around me?  Once the user accurately calibrates, we need to give them access to what matters most to them! The software in the Eyegaze Edge offers many types of eye gaze activities with varying button sizes, highly customizable screens, and multiple access methods for keyboards, picture vocabularies, keyboards, web browsing experiences and computer control.

The Eyegaze Edge allows evaluators to answer these questions quickly and break through common challenges that other devices run into.  If your center would like to try the Eyegaze Edge with a client, email to request a trial.