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Sure, you can type with your eyes and speak using an Eyegaze communication device,

 but how else can you utilize this tool to maximize your connection to the world? 

The Eyegaze Edge offers much more than just communication!

                      Communicate, connect, enjoy, direct!


Communicate! The Eyegaze Edge® offers multiple keyboard options for different typing experiences for children and adults.  Our proprietary Eyegaze software is known for its lightning responsive speed and accuracy, and can be used to type 30+ words per minute! Our Prime and Encore eye trackers work especially well for people who wear glasses, have medically-complex eyes, or who need pinpoint accuracy, speed and high-level computer access.  Eyeworld 3.0 also now comes with the Easy Eyeworld page set for those who need consistently larger buttons for full access to their device.

Connect! Our new Eyeworld 3.0, powered by the Grid 3 software, allows easy access to popular websites without the user getting tired or getting stuck!  Our Eyegaze communicators want access to Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, email and the world-wide web of information. They want to stay connected to everyone and everything!  Our Windows 10 platform offers computing right on the Eyegaze Edge®, as well as access to your own devices: iPad, iPhone, Android, PC, Mac or Linux system.

Easily scroll around Facebook in night-mode for a comfortable, low-fatigue experience.

Strengthen your body + mind connection by practicing mindfulness with our guided medications, body scan and journaling activities. Daily practice of mindfulness has tremendous mental health benefits.

Enjoy! The Eyegaze Edge now has an expanded entertainment package for Eyegaze communicators to enjoy! Sometimes it is the simple luxury of visiting an art museum or walking around the grocery store that we miss the most when we are at home.  With this in mind, Eyeworld 3.0 now offers virtual museum and travel portals, international window-swap, 7 new games, eye gaze painting, and your favorite streaming platforms: Hulu, Netflix, Disney+ and Amazon Prime!

For music lovers, access playlists via your eyes, or create your own music in the new Eyeharp program.

Listen to your favorite playlist in our media player, or connect to your preferred music streaming service.  If you need a new playlist in your life, scan the globe and hear the world through someone else’s ears with the amazingly fun international Radio Garden!

See the world from someone else’s window via the live, international window swap program.

Take a mini vacation to a museum, resort or store from the comfort of your own screen!

Direct! It is critical for individuals to participate in their own medical care. Using Eyeworld 3.0, communicators can now take a more active role in their conversations, personalize and manage frequently accessed phrases, interrupt others, and give directives with Eyeworld’s robust phrase pages.   Eyegaze communicators can also now manage a list of their medication schedule from their Eyegaze Edge®

With many Eyegaze communicators being treated by home health staff, we’ve provided specific medical pages to communicate pain and comfort needs quickly.

Eyegaze communicators can access all of these functions under our medical phrase pages, allowing them to ask questions, agree or disagree with treatments, and give specific instructions to support staff.

Want to learn more about these options?  Call us at 1-800-EYEGAZE to schedule a demo today!