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One thing that sets the Eyegaze Edge® apart in a crowded room of devices—aside from our amazingly accurate Encore & Prime cameras—is our Eyeworld platform for Eyegaze communicators.  Eyeworld is a central hub that allows Eyegaze Edge® users to have quick access to our most popular features, with a streamlined, intuitive, low-fatigue design. We’ve designed Eyeworld with your functionality in mind!  Want to send a text message? Easy! Want to shop online or engage with your social network? Do it all with the movement of your eyes. What’s new in Eyeworld? Now on the Mind Express Software platform, Eyeworld 3.0 has some upgraded features including:

  • The ability to choose between our integrated web browser or desktop browser, which allows you to have a chat window open while web browsing
  • The ability to edit & organize your own phrase pages, as well as remotely edit your page sets via the Eyegaze Connect feature. Want to change your communication pages?  Do it with your own eyes!
  • More games!
  • Pages are now automatically backed up to the cloud
  • A new integrated calendar app
  • The Kindle “read text-to-speech” function for e-books

Frequently Asked Questions My client is using an older version of Eyeworld on the Grid 3 software. Will they still be supported?  Yes, we will continue support to customers using previous versions of Eyeworld. Can I use my cell phone? Yes, Eyeworld will support Android and iPhone users for calls and SMS text messaging. What features are new on the phrase pages in Eyeworld?  Eyegaze Edge® communicators can now customize their own phrase categories and organize the order of phrase buttons independently. They can also make phrase pages hidden for privacy. Is it easy to edit and change settings?  Yes!  Eyeworld on the Mind Express platform has intuitive settings and features, making it easy to make changes to suit the communicator’s preferences. Are symbol-based and specialty keyboards available?  Yes, the Eyegaze Edge® will continue to offer symbol-based communication page sets, cause & effect learning pages, customized keyboard layouts and various symbol sets.  The Eyegaze Edge® now has heatmap page sets and data logging features as evaluation tools. Is surfing the web easy?  Eyeworld 3.0 now offers a choice between two web browsing options and offers advanced web features: tabbed browsing, private browsing, auto scrolling, numeric links and mouse control. Can I download the Mind Express software to try it out?  Mind Express is available for a free 30-day trial download from Jabbla’s website and offers various language options for pediatric and adult communicators:

Windows Control features in Eyeworld—now with more functionality!


Eyeworld Calendar app for personal scheduling