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I was so impressed last month at the following sight: Several of our Eyegaze team members stayed after hours in our Virginia headquarters to help an Eyegaze Edge user remotely connect to her communication device in Panama. It was inspiring to see engineers, eye tracking researchers and clinicians put their heads together to walk her family through the steps to help her get connected to Eyegaze communication! It was this same week that I learned that we successfully enabled a woman who had eye lens replacement surgery calibrate and user her Eyegaze Edge device! Dixon Cleveland and Pete Norloff, chief engineers and technical officers, had worked their magic to modify our calibration software to accommodate her needs to preserve patient communication rights!
“Will this device work for me?” and other questions

Questions like “how will I learn how use my Eyegaze device?” and “what if me or my caregivers gets stuck?” are common questions Eyegaze users ask before buying a communication device. In the high-tech digital age, people may be surprised to learn that the Eyegaze Edge is built by hand in our Virginia office specifically for each individual user. We know our customers by name and we know their specific needs. In fact, Eyegaze Inc. has a large library of eye images collected from our Eyegaze users over 30 years. Included in our image library are many images of unique and unusual eyes of patients who initially could not use our system! These images are analyzed in our lab and used to test improvements to our image processing software, making this technology available to many more people. We’ve successfully fit our communication systems to people with varying physiological differences, including people with eye lens replacements, small and large pupils, and medical conditions such as nystagmus and ptosis of the eyelids. This type of research and development is the heart of the Eyegaze Edge communication device.
Types of technical support
Once the Eyegaze Edge is delivered, an Eyegaze representative will make a home visit to provide face-to-face training for the Eyegaze user and their family (or staff) to teach set-up and calibration. Once these foundational skills are taught, the individual can learn advanced features like computer and internet navigation, email functions, how to sync the device with a phone and environmental controls. Each family is given the Eyegaze Edge user manual, digital training resources and technical support phone numbers.

After training is complete, video tutorials, phone support, and remote login access directly on the Eyegaze Edge are available for the life of the product. These avenues of communication allow our talented tech team to help fine-tune and customize Eyegaze Edge devices across the world, troubleshoot when problems arise, and provide additional caregiver training to ensure the Eyegaze device is being maximized to its full potential! This type of homegrown support is truly who we are at Eyegaze.
From the Eyegaze family to yours,
Happy communicating!