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With our newly-released Eyegaze Encore camera being on the market for almost a year, I am elated that it is getting to people who need it.  In my personal demonstrations this year, I’ve seen it work for four people who tried all other available eye tracking devices on the market and were unable to use any of them (including our Eyegaze Prime camera).  It was impossible to recommend an eye gaze communication device for them until Encore showed up.

The Encore’s image processing advancements, automatic alternating tracking during movement, sharper calibration accuracy, flexibility and ease of setup, made these “impossible” cases possible!

I’m happy to share a recent review of the Encore camera we saw on YouTube Here: An Informal Look at the new Encore Camera

Key take-away points include:

  • Encore has a great eye tracking video on the device screen
  • You can see clearly what is going on with the eyes with the sizeable eye tracking window
  • The Encore camera is very good for doing remote assessments because you can see what’s happening with the person’s eye right on the screen remotely.  This is fantastic for assessments happening during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • This on-screen eye image also allows the evaluator to see if something is wrong with the eye—if it is dry, if the pupil is abnormally shaped, etc.
  • The Red/Green visual cues tell you about proper positioning.
  • The Eyegaze Inc. calibration automatically re-calibrates points that need refining.
  • It feels comfortable and is not fatiguing.

“One of the great things about this camera is you can have a fast dwell time because it is so accurate.”

“There’s no doubt about it, it is pretty quick, it is pretty accurate, and you don’t feel that sense of fatigue that you get sometimes after just a few minutes with a less-accurate system.”

If you would like a trial of our Encore camera, available on the Eyegaze Edge® give us a call!

The Encore used in Grid 3’s AlphaCore communication page with large on-screen eye image.  See the YouTube Video review here: Encore Video Review

Eyegaze Encore and Prime camera settings program