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Eye tracking technology and heat maps can take a lot of the guesswork out of creating a website that is user-friendly. For example, they can reveal useful insights into increasing conversions that can benefit every business.


Here are three lessons marketing researchers have learned from eye tracking studies:


  1. Use Fitts’s Law


While seemingly complicated at first glance, one of the fundamental lessons Fitts’s law communicates is that object “weight” (in the visual hierarchy) is a big determinant in what attracts eyes and mouse clicks.


Eye tracking studies and heat maps can reveal exactly where your website visitors are looking, giving “weight” to those places.


As you create landing pages for your website, make sure that the elements that pop are the ones that matter, and that you aren’t giving too much weight to visuals that don’t inspire visitors to take action.


  1. Use Directional Cues


Most website designers understand the power of visual cues to guide visitors to key areas of your site. But how effective are they?


Smart websites guide the user through information and, hopefully, to a call-to-action.


People have a natural tendency to follow the gaze of others, and we have been coached to follow arrows directing us to where we should be looking or going.


Visuals are an important part of a site’s overall design, but most pages can be improved with images that serve as cues to where visitors should look next.


  1. Use the F-Pattern


Many of you already have heard of the F-pattern of reading that is common throughout the web, but would you have guessed that it applies practically everywhere?


According to a study from the Nielsen Group, people almost always browse in an F-shaped pattern that heavily favors the left side of the screen.


Web visitors tend to browse sites based on their reading habits. Eye tracking studies show that the left side of the screen is heavily favored, and all sites tend to be browsed in an F-pattern.


What else could eye tracking reveal about your website? Our products can show you exactly what users focus on when they explore your products online. Give us a call to schedule your consultation today.