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As more and more people realize how insightful eye-tracking technology is, products like our Edge Analysis System (EAS) Eye Trackers are becoming increasingly popular. Eyegaze offers our 600 Series as either a binocular or monocular eye-tracking system. While the monocular system uses one camera to track one eye, the binocular system measures the gaze position of both eyes with two separate cameras. Both systems offer low cost, reliability and consistent accuracy.

Here are four additional reasons our clients love Eyegaze’s EAS Eye Trackers:

  1. Fast Calibration:

It’s easy to calibrate the 600 Series, and you only have to do it once. The calibration procedure only takes about 15 seconds, too. And, to save even more time, our systems can remember the last subject to use the device, so you won’t have to re-calibrate each time.

  1. Superior Accuracy:

Accuracy is incredibly important to our clients, so our systems offer high gazepoint tracking accuracy. Our image processing algorithms have very high resolution images of the eyes, resulting in < 0.4 degrees of angular error from the eye.

  1. High Reliability:

Of course, accuracy isn’t very valuable without reliability, so we’ve made sure our systems provide the kind of reliability our clients need. The Eyegaze System is able to measure gazepoint data within a range of operational conditions.

  1. Accommodating Human Eye Variations:

One of the most amazing things about the human eye is the uniqueness of the iris brightness, pupil size, and other variations from one person to the next. The Edge Analysis System accommodates them all, including eyes that need glasses and contacts. Our system typically tracks 90 percent of the human population.

Contact the LC Technologies team today to learn more about our accurate, reliable eye-tracking products.