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Are you looking for new reading adventures that will inspire you? Talented authors come from all walks of life and draw from a variety of experiences. However, the authors of the five books listed below have drawn on their own personal struggles with diseases that robbed them of their mobility, including their ability to type or write.

These authors did not let their disabilities stop them from creating inspiring literary works, though. Using our Eyegaze Edge®, a cutting-edge eye tracking device, they used the power of their eyes to pursue their dreams and become published authors.

We always enjoy hearing about the ways our users integrate the Eyegaze into their lives, and we are so excited that the writers below have used our products in such creative and meaningful ways.

  1. Joe Martin, a retired bank vice president, was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) in 1994 and told he had two years to live. But even with this paralyzing disability, he continues to find purpose and pleasure in his life. He has since pursued a successful writing career using his Eyegaze System. His first book, On Any Given Day (published by John F. Blair), is a journal of his experience coping with ALS.
  2. Joe Martin’s second book, Fire in the Rock (Ballantine Books), is a novel set in the south in the 1950’s dealing with issues of race and human nature, also written with the Eyegaze System. Shortly after its publication it became a Book of the Month club alternate selection.
  3. Jack Orchard was a successful entrepreneur before his diagnosis with Lou Gehrig’s disease in 2001 at age 34. Instead of preparing to die, he founded a pair of charities to help other patients and fund scientific research. Jack’s story is a remarkable triumph over adversity and a testament to the power of humanist ideals in action. Extra Hands for ALS, the national youth service charity Jack founded, will receive a part of the proceeds from each sale. His book, Extra Hands was published by
  4. Philippe Vigand (From Arcade Publishing, Inc): “On a July morning ten years ago, Philippe Vigand, a young, vigorous, handsome publishing executive, was walking to work when he heard a ‘gigantic explosion.’ Strangely, nobody else seemed to have heard it…for the simple reason that it was in his head. For two months he lay in a coma. When he awoke, he was completely paralyzed, but his mind was intact. He was suffering from locked-in syndrome. After months of hospital care, Philippe was brought home…” Philippe and his wife Stephane live with their 3 children in Paris. Together they wrote Only the Eyes Say Yes. Philippe wrote his portion of the book using his Eyegaze Edge®. The book has been translated into 11 languages with major distribution in 14 countries.
  5. Australian Ergün Hüseyin has written his memoir, A Life Worth Living, in hopes of inspiring others living with motor neuron disease (MND), their families, and caregivers. This is a story of courage and faith and a lasting tribute to family and friendship, put down on the page for those to follow. “Losing the use of my hands, I controlled the keyboard with my eyes. I just wanted people in the same situation to see [me on TV] and obtain one of these Eyegaze machines too.” For information on ordering, email