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Our Eyegaze Edge® is the world’s most advanced eye-driven tablet communication system. It is internationally trusted and locally loved and continues to be the device of choice by locked-in users and their SLPs.

ALS patient and Eyegaze user David Abell had this to say about the Eyegaze Edge®:

“I have been using the Eyegaze system for a little over 4 years now since I lost the ability to move the mouse with my hands due to ALS. The ability to access the computer with the Eyegaze System has probably been the greatest contributor of my quality of life.”

Here are nine reasons why you, too, will love your Eyegaze Edge® system:

  1. Stay Connected

The Eyegaze Edge® helps people from multiple locked-in diagnoses can take their lives back by connecting them to the world.

  1. Easy Setup and Calibration

You’ll be connected in no time. In fact, calibration takes only 15 seconds.

  1. Speech Generation

Users can quickly generate speech by typing a message or selecting pre-programmed phrases.

  1. Call and Text

Your Eyegaze Edge® can even be integrated with a cellular device (Apple or Android) for communication on-the-go.

  1. Control Any Application

You can do even more with the Eyegaze Edge®. The system allows you to control any app or program with ease.

  1. Control the Environment

With the Eyegaze Edge®, the world is within reach. You can control entertainment and sound systems, lights, and switches with infrared frequencies and radio waves.

  1. Browse the Web

Get more out of your device with web access designed for Eyegaze input.

  1. Email Integration

Stay in touch with friends and family by sending and receiving messages and pictures.

  1. All Day Use

Your Eyegaze Edge® is equipped for long periods of use. Our low light camera minimizes fatigue and accommodates for droopy eyelids.

Are you ready to learn how the Eyegaze Edge® can change your life? Reach out today to speak with one of our friendly team members to learn more about the eye tracking device that so many people love.