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Czech automobile maker Skoda has launched a cutting-edge digital advertising campaign that uses eye tracking technology to promote its third-generation Fabia car.

The ad agency 18 Feet & Rising created the interactive online experience, which it calls, “Fight for Attention.” This modern take on advertising is a fascinating use of eye tracking technology and illustrates its capacity for engaging users.


The ad, or “experience,” measures and displays the results of the viewer’s interaction with a film in real-time. It begins with the calibration of the viewer’s pupil movement with a computer webcam. A 90-second split-screen film is presented to the viewer, featuring two Fabia cars racing through a number of locations.


After the race is completed, the eye tracking technology allows the site to calculate which of the Fabia cars received the most attention during the race, as well as determine what the viewer saw and what he or she might have missed in the film. Finally, it creates a personalized infographic of the viewer’s eye movement based upon the data it collected.


Viewers can share the infographic to social media channels and have the option to schedule a test drive with a local Skoda dealer. The campaign site rolled out to 32 European markets this week, and a second phase is set to launch later this month.