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Eye tracking is becoming increasingly popular, as it is introduced in more medical studies and even consumer devices. This type of technology has numerous applications, and those outside the eye tracking industry are being introduced to this amazing technology for the first time.

The group Women in Information and Communication (WIC) is reaching out to high school students to encourage them to think about IT careers, and “cool” technologies like eye tracking are making their task a bit easier. WIC president Kate Muir told The Canberra Times that, historically, girls haven’t necessarily wanted to enter the IT field:

”I think they think it’s just nerdy – and who wants to cut code? For crying out loud – I didn’t want to cut code,” she said.

However, changing times and emerging technologies are causing girls to give IT a second look.

”IT is a really good career for women – it’s not just programming and it’s not just putting PCs on desks – there’s roles for business analysts, there’s roles for team leaders, there’s roles for information management specialists who understand all sorts of technical things,” Muir said.

WIC holds events to show girls just how cool tech can be. The events feature demonstrations of real-life applications of IT, including the use of brain mapping and eye tracking technologies, to inspire girls to enter the field.

Besides opening up young girls’ worlds to the possibilities of IT, WIC’s program has wider implications. As WIC vice president Marie Johnson puts it:

“I look at it as an innovation issue – not having more diversity in the technology thinking. If you’ve got the same frame of reference … then you’re missing out on a whole lot of opportunities for innovation. I think it’s an economic issue.”