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Some of the most innovative companies and minds are hard at work to address the challenge of national security. Eye tracking technology is one method for keeping our country safer – here are three reasons why:

Deception Detection – We speak with our body movements more than we know, and tracking a suspects’ eye movements during questioning can reveal important information. Research has shown that when people are lying, their pupils may become dilated or follow repetitive patterns. Using eye tracking technology can provide security officials with advanced options for efficiently and effectively completing their duties.

Aiding Those on Watch – Humans make mistakes, and people ensuring our security are still human. We can all suffer from a lack of sleep or other types of distractions. When it comes to homeland security, this becomes a security risk. Eye tracking technology can aid people in this industry, helping to limit operator error by tracking their drowsiness or other inhibitors.

Sight on Flight – Safety in the air is a top priority. Increased scanning and security measures have grown by leaps and bounds. Eye tracking could take it a step further. New kiosks with the ability to assess people through various bodily cues are being considered as a part of the boarding process. Eye tracking could be implemented in these kiosks, and if a person’s cues set off any red flags, law enforcement could take necessary preventative measures.

We are fortunate to live in a place where we can live our lives while mostly feeling safe, but it is still something that needs attention. As technology continues to move forward, our nation’s security will benefit from these advances.