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You’ve likely learned how eye tracking technology has benefited people in the assistive community and medical field from our blog and other resources. However, many people in the business world are leveraging eye tracking technology to expand their reach in the marketplace. Eye tracking technology can be harnessed to spend advertising dollars more wisely and increase lead conversion rates through email marketing. Let’s take a look at some of the ways this fascinating technology is benefiting businesses.

Businesses understand that they must not only have a web presence, but they must also have a dynamic, engaging mobile-friendly site. Mobile websites must be carefully formatted to maximize what your audience sees across different devices and screen sizes. When you’ve taken the time to craft your web writing and design, simply converting it to a mobile-friendly design could bury your most engaging content. Marketers are using eye tracking technology to better determine how the average user navigates their mobile site.

Whether it’s a magazine ad or a video commercial on YouTube, utilizing eye tracking technology can allow marketers to determine where their target audience is looking and for how long. Businesses can create mock advertisements and study results within a focus group to inform message placement and prevent unnecessary ad spending.

Consider how much thought and planning go into email marketing campaigns. Each message consists of written content and graphic design elements that must be planned, executed and tested. The placement of advertising messages shouldn’t be left to chance. Studies show that minor changes can greatly affect click through rates, which are highly monitored by marketers. Testing sample email designs can help you better determine where to place your links, calls-to-action and more.

No matter how much the business landscape changes, eye tracking technology can help companies understand consumer behavior, reach more customers, and save precious marketing dollars.