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Jon West, the Director of Marketing and Opportunities at LC Technologies, will be speaking at the Internet User Experience 2014 (IUE2014) conference in Phoenix, Arizona this week. West will present on “Beyond the Heat-map: The Future of Eye Tracking,” revealing how eye tracking technology is enabling research that provides an optimal user experience online.


IUE2014 will spotlight effective designs for websites, applications, and devices, and will teach cutting-edge methods for improving the user experience. Attendees will include design and usability leaders, website developers, information architects, graphic designers, marketing professionals, project managers, business analysts, and more. The conference goal is to foster the understanding of user experience and usability methods, and the application of research and best practices to the design of the expanding range of Internet devices and other customer touch-points.


A broad range of companies and professionals will also be showcasing the newest web, tablet, and mobile sites and applications and will demonstrate significant improvements and redesigns. In other words, it will be a conference that immerses attendees in the most cutting-edge technologies available, and LC Technologies is very excited to be a part of the event.


Other speakers include university professors, leading UX designers, product designers, and others with impressive backgrounds and industry specialties. West will bring his extensive knowledge of eye-tracking research, and how it can be applied to UX design, to the robust panel of speakers who will present at the conference.


To learn more about IUE2014, visit the conference website and follow the happenings in real-time on Twitter by following hashtag #IUE2014.