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LC Technologies is currently attending the European Conference on Eye Movements (ECEM) in Sweden. In fact, our CEO, Dixon Cleveland, taught a course during the two-week conference called “Inside the Black Box.” The course took an in-depth look at the underlying mechanics of modern day eye trackers.
So, why go all the way to Sweden to discuss eye tracking? In our industry, this conference is a big deal, with the original aim to exchange information on current research, equipment, and software at the forefront of our technical, highly-specialized industry.
Just like other industry conferences, we are gathering with the best of the best in the eye tracking industry, to learn, share, and grow in our expertise surrounding this fascinating field.
During the conference, like-minded professionals from around the world are mingling, including neurophysiologists, psychologists, neuropsychologists, clinicians, linguists, computational and applied scientists, engineers, and manufacturers interested in the movements of the eyes, with an emphasis on learning from each other and promoting development of the field.
The conference began as a small, specialist conference, and has grown into the large, international event it is today, covering all aspects of basic and applied research using eye movements. Today, ECEM is the largest conference on eye movements in the world, based on the number of submissions. This year’s conference includes methods courses on several aspects of eye movements research and applications for an even richer learning environment including eye tracking data quality. You can learn more about ECEM here.