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Someone in the U.S. has a stroke about once every 40 seconds, according to the American Heart Association. Besides having deadly consequences, having a stroke can cause paralysis as well as speech and language problems. Even if you are lucky enough to survive a stroke, it can completely change your life forever. Eye tracking technology, like our Eyegaze Edge®, can help to bring some normalcy back to a disrupted life after stroke.  

Traumatic and anoxic brain injuries can result in a variety of problems. These include issues with cognition, memory, attention and organization, reading ability, spelling ability, and general vision problems. All of these problems can become hinderances to communication. Using the Eyegaze Edge® can help users regain communication abilities so they can work, play, and communicate with loved ones again.

The Eyegaze Edge® offers stroke sufferers several powerful features for communicating with the world. Picture-icon communication systems are available. The system also features speech generation for non-verbal users. The Eyegaze Edge® can even compensate for double vision or other vision problems. 

Traumatic and anoxic brain injuries can result in a variety of problems that may affect Eyegaze operation. In general, if the individual demonstrates a consistent way to communicate “yes” and “no,” they demonstrate some level of cognition sufficient for Eyegaze use. Even if they have lost their ability to read, spell or type on a keyboard using their eyes, they may be able to use our wide array of picture-icon communication boards on the Eyegaze Edge system. 

Eyegaze Edge® user Curt, from Michigan, had this to say about his Eyegaze Edge®: 

“I can read books using Kindle, listen to music, email, surf the web, play games, and more. I am once again my old self. Without it I would be a prisoner in my body, with it I am the same smart guy I used to be, with the exception of being paralyzed.” 

To learn more about how an Eyegaze Edge® could benefit you or a loved one after a stroke, please get in touch today.