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As a developer of eye tracking devices, one of LC Technologies’ goals is to provide assistive technology solutions for people living with disabilities. For example, we created ourEyegaze Edge Talker with the single purpose of speech generation as classified under the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) HCPCS 2014 Code E2510. In other words, our device is fully Medicare compliant, so not only does it help people communicate, but it is also affordable.


Our Eyegaze Edge Talker system was developed specifically for use as a communication device (SGD) for people whose only means of communication is with their eyes. Although the eye tracking field has grown to include low-cost Eyegaze systems, these devices were not designed for use by people with disabilities. Therefore, they are typically unable to accommodate any of the variations in the human eye often seen in conjunction with various physical disabilities.


The Eyegaze Edge Talker has several features that are unique to this medical device, including:
  • It requires functional use of only one eye, so people with eye injuries or strabismus are still able to use it
  • Our device uses unique algorithms to accurately locate the center of partially blocked pupils, so patients with ptosis (drooping) of the eyelid are still able to use it.
  • The Eyegaze Edge Talker can track unusually small pupils accurately, which is important for people who take narcotic pain medications that cause the pupils to constrict.
  • It also enables patients to communicate in any position, helping those who find sitting upright uncomfortable or impossible.
Our goal is to serve the largest percentage of the disabled population possible, with a reliable, accurate, and easy to use eye-operated device. The Medicare-compliant Eyegaze Edge Talker is one way we are doing just that. Please click here to learn more about affording your Eyegaze Edge Talker.