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The third annual Neuromarketing World Forum is being held in New York City from March 5-7, 2014. This forum is the industry-leading event where marketers and researchers can collaborate to grow a revolutionary new field.

The new field is one where science meets business through measured, well-researched, science-based findings that inform marketing practices for better business outcomes. The event offers attendees educational opportunities in fascinating areas of marketing, and especially, in consumer behavior. Marketing thought leaders from around the globe will be there to share their neuromarketing experiences.

Topics explored include brand value perception, neural pathways and the path to purchase, how neuro methods can predict ad response, and more. Attendees can expect to leave the forum with the ability to apply insights from the consumer brain to their businesses.

Neuromarketing and eye tracking technology go hand in hand. The LC Technologies team uses eye trackers to gain insight into the brain’s underlying cognitive processes. This data helps us to understand how people process visual data and provides an assessment of how the population is likely to respond to this data. Marketers can benefit tremendously from our technology because it reveals insights into which elements of an ad, for example, command and keep the viewer’s attention.

While traditional focus groups only allow marketers to receive information as told by the group participants (which could contain inaccuracies), studying the way neural pathways and eye gaze interact with the visual data in ads provides a highly accurate assessment of an ad’s effectiveness.