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The Eyegaze Connect being used to control an iPhone cursor

Eyegaze Connect® allows the Eyegaze Edge keyboard input and cursor control for any device that allows mouse and keyboard input, including PC computers, Linux systems, Mac devices (including Apple computers, iPads and iPhones) and Android devices.  Eyegaze Connect® uses Bluetooth technology, allowing for more reliable connections with your other devices.

The Eyegaze Connect being used at home to control a large computer monitor across the room

Our Encore camera includes the Eyegaze Connect® feature built into the camera, while the Prime camera uses the Eyegaze Connect® dongle to access this feature.  If using it with the Prime camera, plug the Eyegaze Connect® dongle into the USB port of the Eyegaze Edge tablet.

This technology allows those who have lost their ability to speak, to continue to work and contribute to the household or access items on their phones or just play around with their personal computer, all with their eyes!