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This week some of our Eyegaze Inc. team members worked with a family in Asia who had gotten an Eyegaze Edge® for their loved one with ALS.  Using Zoom and TeamViewer, we were able to successfully provide training and 1-on-1 communication coaching with the new eye gaze communicator.

Materials: When we provide set-up and training from afar, families are given short training videos and an Eyegaze Edge® user manual.

Questions Answered: Using these training materials, the family was able to set up the device and get the communicator calibrated independently.  As they practiced on their own, they listed questions for us to discuss in our virtual session.

With virtual conferencing technology we are able to ensure proper device positioning, mute and unmute participants, and see visual feedback from our Eyegaze camera to ensure accurate eye tracking.  We could easily change settings when needed and provide feedback to the communicator and caregivers.

Navigating Technology Challenges: We are also able to navigate communication between multiple parties and troubleshoot if there is a breakdown with people sharing information on different continents!  The truth is, our team has been providing remote education on eye tracking systems for decades—way before COVID-19 changed our routines.  If you would like a virtual demonstration of the Eyegaze Edge® give us a call at 1-800-EYEGAZE.