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“What makes the Eyegaze Edge® different from the other devices I’ve seen?”

1) It arrives unlocked:  There is no pesky fee to unlock the Eyegaze Edge® to use the internet.  Just turn it on and get going.

2) Expert teaching:  Your trained Eyegaze representative will personalize a training program to your needs that will include hands-on practice, written instructions and short video modules to show you basic, through advanced skills.

3) Our camera is a finely-tuned instrument:  We’ve designed a low-fatigue, high-accuracy, medical-grade engineering masterpiece. You can be positioned to your total comfort, then easily point our camera toward your eye to start automatic calibration.

4) It’s light & slim: Coming in at just under 2.5 pounds, it’s easy to position anywhere.  It also comes in a handsome Eyegaze backpack!

5) Non-glare screen: It may seem simple, but our non-glare, low-light screen features muted colors and makes a BIG difference in your long-term comfort, day or night.

6) On-screen Visual Feedback: Our on-screen eye image and on-screen pause button take the guess work out of positioning and lighting.  Our high-pixelated zoom lens gives you immediate feedback on your eye.

7) Easy Facebook access:  Browsing Facebook is easy with our intuitive web browser, keeping you connected to your social network. Same thing with Amazon, Ebay and Netflix.  Clicking and scrolling is a breeze—noticeably easier than other devices!

8) Use your smartphone: The Eyegaze Edge® syncs with Androids AND iPhones for calling and SMS text messaging.

9) Control your MacBook via your Eyes:  Keep using your Mac and don’t feel bad for abandoning all the great content on your laptop! The Eyegaze Edge® Links allows you external access to any PC, Linux, Apple computer or iPad.

10) Works with less-than-perfect eyes:  Do you wear thick glasses?  Not a problem for the Eyegaze Edge®. Do you have droopy eyelids, nystagmus, mydriasis or strabismus? That’s ok too! Have you had cataracts removed?  Our eye tracking software compensates for less-than perfect eyes.

11) Made in the U.S.A.: Your Eyegaze Edge® is hand-built in Virginia, U.S.A. and is used in 44 countries across the globe.

12) We are obsessed with your accuracy: Whether you use our Prime or Encore camera, you will experience superior accuracy.  How?  We’ve collected tens of thousands of eye images over 3 decades to perfect our math.  So, it’s not surprising for us to hear, this is the best eye gaze camera I have ever used!”

13) We actually understand eye tracking: We have a deep understanding of eye tracking AND the science behind it, and it shows. With your device comes access to our tech experts, engineers and medical professionals.  If your eyes change due to your condition, we can often adjust your system settings to allow you continued use over time.

14) When you call us for technical support, we are easy to reach!  Whether it be on a weekday or a holiday (yes, you read that correctly), you will have contact information for someone on our team to provide you quick support and keep you communicating.

15) Powerful computing: If you need a powerful computer, you’ll be impressed by our faster processing speed, higher screen resolution, bigger storage options, and better wi-fi and Bluetooth connectivity than the competition.  Take a look at our numbers and compare for yourself!

16) Preferred by writers: 16 books have been published using the Eyegaze Edge®.

17) The power of music!  Each Eyegaze Edge® comes preloaded with music by Adele.  Why? Because we love her and hope you are inspired to build your own music library as part of your entertainment suite.

18) Visual design backed by research: Our Eyeworld 3.0 software, powered by Grid 3, is based on extensive user feedback and research since 1987. We know that small improvements in interface design lead to significant improvements in satisfaction and performance.

In Summary:

We believe that you are looking for a communication   device that meets your specific communication and connectivity needs—one that is backed by a compassionate team of experts who will teach and support you on your journey.  Your accuracy is our goal. We design The Eyegaze Edge® to add to your comfort, work with your eyes, and adapt to changing eye physiology over time, so you can preserve your connection to the world as long as possible.