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Think about it – it is amazing that people can communicate, work, and surf the Internet using only their eye movements. In fact, some people have even written entire books using only their eyes!

This intricate and revolutionary technology might seem difficult to wrap your head around. After all, a lot of research and development have gone into creating and perfecting eye tracking technology. But eye tracking devices have very practical, everyday applications that help people lead better lives. Here are just a few:

Medical Research: Eye tracking technology is being used to diagnose and study autism in children as young as 6 months of age. Research shows that infants who go on to develop autism not only look at faces less than other babies do, but they also look away from major facial features when a person speaks. Researchers are hopeful that early detection can lead to social and behavioral interventions to help these young patients recover.

Market Research: Researchers are also using eye tracking technology to improve the way they communicate with potential consumers. Since eye gaze is a better indicator of what study participants really think (rather than answering a series of questions, for example), marketers can gather accurate data to be used in advertising design.

Assistive Technologies: People who live with mobility-limiting diseases or conditions, such as ALS patients and stroke survivors, are benefiting from eye tracking technology every day. Our Eyegaze Edge® is an eye-operated communication and control system that allows people to communicate and interact with the world. Eyegaze Edge® users are writing books, attending school, and communicating with their loved ones – all through the power of their eyes!

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