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Oftentimes, we discuss the benefits of eye tracking technology in a variety of industries – from assistive communities and security to the medical field and gaming. Did you know that corporations can also benefit from this technology? Eye tracking can actually help businesses establish how to make better use of their advertising dollars or help generate more lead conversion through email marketing. So, how specifically can this happen? Here are a few options:

Media Advertisements – Whether it’s a magazine ad or a video commercial on YouTube, utilizing eye tracking technology can allow marketers to determine where their target audience is looking and for how long. Creating a mock advertisement and studying results within a focus group can inform message placement and prevent unnecessary ad spending.

Email Campaigns – A lot of thought is put into email campaigns, from the written content to the graphic design, so the placement of messaging shouldn’t be left to chance. Many tests have shown that minor changes can greatly influence click through rates, which is usually at the top of an email marketer’s priority list. Testing sample email designs can help you better determine where to place your links, calls-to-action, and more.

Mobile Presence – It’s great to have a web presence, and better to have it coupled with a mobile friendly site. But what about formatting that mobile site to maximize what your audience is looking at? When you’ve taken the time to craft your web content, simply converting it to a mobile-friendly design could bury your most engaging content. Through the use of eye tracking technology, marketers and designers can better determine how the average user navigates their mobile site.

As with eye tracking technology, marketing channels and consumer habits are always changing. However, regardless of when and where consumers are obtaining information, there is a strong chance they are seeing it first. Now it’s up to you to give them what they want.