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Cerebral Palsy (CP) is a disease that affects muscle coordination, or spastic paralysis, and impairs communication. It is typically caused by brain damage occurring before or at birth. The Eyegaze Edge® allows people living with CP to participate more fully in everyday life. Many people, both children and adults, are using the Eyegaze Edge® to attend school, from kindergarten through college, and in the workplace.

The Eyegaze Edge® features a simple setup and 15-second calibration and eye re-acquisition in 1/30th of a second. It works at many different angles, making it especially helpful for people who have CP and require flexibility.

When using the Eyegaze Edge®, individuals with CP have the best outcome when positioned and supported with proper wheelchair hardware. The Eyegaze system takes into account the individual’s body movement and reacquires their eye in 1/30th of a second if they move out of the camera’s field of view and return. In fact, this process is so fast that the individual does not even perceive it.

Even if a person with CP is leaning to the side, the Eyegaze Edge® can accurately predict their gaze point at indirect angles. Users do not have to change the angle of the screen to keep using their Eyegaze Edge® system. This feature is extremely valuable for people with CP and often eliminates the need to constantly re-position the screen or recalibrate the Eyegaze system.

For many people, the Eyegaze Edge® makes living with CP more interactive and productive. Scott, from California, had this to say about his son’s Eyegaze system:

“My son Jason is 16 years old and he has cerebral palsy… ‘Dad, I need you’ is one of the many things I hear on a daily basis that I never imagined I would hear. Today I couldn’t imagine a life without this device… They have given my son a platform to stand on that can lead him to his own independence.”