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LC Technologies has been on the forefront of eye tracking technology for years. We’ve developed assistive technologies to enhance the lives of people living with disabilities. We’ve also created products that help companies research and understand the real-life web experiences of their customers. Through our products and services, we’ve improved many lives, and now we’re inviting you to join us in our quest for innovation.


Our Software Development Kit is available for FREE and provided on a perpetual license basis. We invite innovators to use our eye tracking platform to create their own solutions to challenging problems in the areas of science, the humanities and gaze interactions.


Our team believes that an open system is crucial to innovation. And, we want to support inventors who develop off of our platform. Here are some of the functions of our eye tracking platform:


  • XY coordinates of the current view location
  • Pupil diameter
  • Fixation detection
  • EyeFollower: 3D coordinate of the view location for real objects and 3D Virtual Worlds
  • 3-dimensional localization of the eyeball
  • Determining the time difference between recording the camera image and the output view data for accurate synchronization of its own data
  • Data synchronization with the gaze data stream by trigger
  • Sample programs (calibration, fixation detection, client-server settings, etc.)
  • Separate values ​​for left and right eye in a binocular eye tracker (Gaze live vector)
  • Programming languages


If you are interested in development based on our platform, please get in touch!